Had Matter

by Kali

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Kali is a Hip-Hop duo based in Dublin comprising Irish MC, Leigh (The Bastard, Exxon Valdez, Mick E. Rawrk...) and French producer Mika (aka Zuke). Both are part of the Loud Mouth Collective.

After working on various projects for the past 10 years, the pair decided to join their talents and explore new musical territories while keeping a spontaneous and uninhibited approach to their creative process. From this union was born "Kali Yuga" (2013); an eclectic 1st album containing a series of tracks that were produced and released individually every week for 4 consecutive months.

After a series of local gigs, Kali is now returning with a brand new mixtape called "Had Matter".

"Had matter implies something that "was" but no longer "is". When "was" (or "is not") gets bored of it self, what should it do? Its only other choice is to become "Is" again. And there's no reason why it shouldn't for…"

"If I'm to walk
I must take steps.
If I'm awake.
I must have slept.
If I am shallow
I must have depth

If I'm to live
I must know death." -Leigh


released May 27, 2014

Lyrics, Vocals: Leigh
Beatmaking, Music Production: Mika

Artwork by Ross Curran

Thanks to Blake, Niamh, Ross and all our friends and family for their continuous support.



all rights reserved


Kali Dublin, Ireland

Kali is a duo based in Dublin comprising Irish MC, Leigh (The Bastard, Exxon Valdez) and French producer Mika Zuke. Both are part of the Loud Mouth Collective. After working on various projects for the past 10 years, the pair decided to join their talents and explore new territories. Following "Kali Yuga" and a series of local gigs, Kali is now back with a brand new mixtape called "Had Matter". ... more


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Track Name: Cornucopia

“Good morning cornucopia”
Door opening Sophia
prone to social phobia
in ocean doses of sclerotia
The moment is sewn and woven
Potent poetry in motion
oxytocin is our potion
when nobody’s got the notion
I hold in a Breath retention
Step in the next dimension
strengthen intent attention
As tensions attempt redemption
freeman unleashing frequency
Speeches un teaching secrecy
Beams of sun weeping peacefully
sequence begun quite ceaselessly

Exploring the north of east
Under courses of sorcery
Remorse is pleased by your deeds
Breach the fortress of forgery
Prose composes sonnet demonic in cataclysm
Ultra in altruism
Compulsive in magnetism
Anarchist in anachronism
Manifesting natural rhythms
Resulting romanticisms
Pragmatic in Animism
Were the cult of adaptive vision
Our Penultimate chapters hidden
A canvas unplanned unwritten
Enchanted in vandalism

Magnificent incidents
cleverly linked together by the mundane
Instrument of intimate
wherever we sync endeavors its in one brain
Affably perceive a tapestry
Anxiously seeded fantasy
Galaxy revealing fallacy
Tactfully glee in rhapsody
Pure ornamental lyricism
of mornings, a gentle rhythm
Exploring the temples prism
“All Glory to Mental Ism’s!”
Disassemble my mental mission
With penciled pretentious pissin
The credentials of criticism
Is the Zen of essential missing

Impervious to circumstances
Learning curves cant hurt your chances
Mind finally merged in madness
subservience in word less trances
Its detached not disconnected
once corrected unaffected
Persona is unprojected
Reflecting subject \ object shit.
Track Name: Cloud 8
Cloud 8

Out in the cold
Down the hole
Chasing after rabbits
Unwound the scrolls
Doubt unfolds
Trace it backwards Alice
A somber brute
Ponders mute
As he wanders past us
Beyond rebuke honors truth
in response to malice
Responsive sleuth honest fluke
of the changeless answer
Of a thousand souls countless told
That His Gaze can capture
The mountain stroll
Sounds un toll
from the nameless master
Nothing to ask
so nothing to fucking gain there after
At the centre
All may enter
where nothings been
you Lamenter
Come meet your mentor
just look within
Its not out there for
this centuries adventurers
to each a child
the content remembered
shall extend a kiss
Inquire to whom?
the Mind in attentive bliss
Won’t speak of style
indefinable, Effortless
Eyes each shines
before Demise into emptiness
And Gave a Brief smile
of indescribable tenderness
Track Name: Neon

I glow like neon
I be on some
Trojan horse shit
I hide in plain sight
beneath your nose
right on your door step
Of course
you don’t see me
Believe me
They got you hypnotized
They gone Pulled
the fucking wool
over your wisdom eyes
Big surprise
The system lies
Its got you victimized
I can sympathize
but Let me let me
fucking cyristalize
You pursue happiness like its not
your natural state
you fabricate the truth
Tie a noose
and fuckin masterbate

with your intoxicants
Popping negative positives
ominous pseudo confidents
fuelled by Alcho - Promises
Promises Honest
I am the Apocalypse Consciousness
confidant cleansing
contemplative cognitives
Return to Obscurity
Uncertainty in the term “purity”
you need something “else”
to enjoy your “self”!?
Pure absurdity
Fervently Asking who you are
your search
commercially meticulous
Urgently searching answers externally!?

A Suspicious list of shit
respond with neti neti
Not this not this
Discard it
crop with a machete
Get ready for the next step
what you left with
is probably “I”
Remember sever the head from the shoulders
the body dies
“I” abandons you
Leave you pleading “No help!”
Brother I’m not your mother
I’m none other than Your own self
Track Name: Rapport

Armed to the teeth
Heart is scarred on repeat
bark in the street
Intent to do bodily harm to the weak
Pardon the freak its part of the week
His psyche has opened up
His hope is focused love
he spoke of coke and psycotropic drugs
night is plastic
He’s an organic bastard
Lord and a Master of his chapter real rapport with disaster
Forward to the after
we found her in thieves landing
keys dangling from her neck
the victim of sweet strangling

A demon of tragic fables
reads from a magic table
Not Evil or that unstable
Its people that can not name you
Look upon that
which can not be unseen
Unclean Some fiends
is fucked cause they stuck in His one dream
Running from redemption
no exceptions no escape
one hundred year depression
None respect him or show his face
Drifted in within the mist
as if he didn’t exist
so called wisdom is a sieve
caught a glimpse and then its missed
As the candle burns out the light
slowly he surround you
You run from it your whole life
This night he as found you
A thousand years of darkness
Harvest souls upon the earth
does thou fear the artist?
Your carcass been owned since birth
Track Name: Psyche Fair
Psyche Fair

Got a touch of the suchness
A rush of reluctance
Fuck this
I’m really not much of a muchness
Turn that frown upside down
wander round aimlessly
My mind has a bright neon sign shinning VACANCY
Steam rises off the Crowds
turns the clouds into memories
the pulse in the air
has a fountain trajectory
this town turned to pestilence
at a psyche fair
Melodies take up residence
in the night air
Try manage observations
of fear at the core
But I’ve had this conversation
with the mirror before
This city tore itself...
apart at the seam
we dared to dream a dream where we were all we could be
Track Name: Enchanted

She greets the lord of the known
unsheaths the sword in the stone
Meek oratorical performance
is rewarded in gold
The Forewarnings are told
Attempts to thwart and control
Shall be born in misfortune
Forlorn in thorns of the soul
This Importance behold
personas mold a conformance
He must perform accordingly
but shall not hoard from the forest
To disrespect her essence
Great lesson in transgression
No Object to perfect
An adepts success
without weapons
Under wondrous crescent
Her fragrance heaven no question
Affections Of great measure
in ones effortless presence
Remain receptive level
to both the harsh and the gentle
expect the ebb and flow of feeling
every part is as special
What is taken for granted
shall leave one shaken and stranded
the damage is branded
be from enchanted abandoned
Honer every moment
treasure how ever its fleeting
Never forget whats your focus
Together forever were dreaming

She’s the oracle
Her gorgeous force metaphorical
To Mere mortals adorn
She soars the course of rhetorical
Her form is a portal
Enter the door through the auricle
Her Chortle explores the shores on an allegorical coracles.
Her form is a portal
Enter the door through the auricle
Her Chortle explores the shores on an allegorical coracles.
She’s the oracle
Her gorgeous force metaphorical
To Mere mortals adorn
She soars the course of rhetorical
Track Name: Indra's Net
Indra's Net

Deep in Indras net
The kingdom wept
in its own reflection
The victim slept
in the depth
of its own projection
An unknown connection open and closed
posing no objection
Politicians opposition
throws the lone election
Land slide whisper
Mister Hyde from his recollection
Dr. Jekyll off the record
spinning misdirection
This infection running deep
into introspection
Off beat don’t make a peep
In Rhythm section

The living left him
In self deception
Now the damned are the chosen
Its own perception Misconception
When the land was frozen
None oppose him
In inception
Cloak the Man in Trojan
Nothing spoken
in perfection
the advantage moment
Unplanned devotion unacknowledged
is the magic potion
The night watchman
Left his post way out in the open
Death approaches
and the notion
deep as any ocean
the white rabbit
peaks his head to
see all the commotion
Track Name: Soliloquy

The great inventor
enters a state
never expects praise
Latent mentor
remain centered
never threatened or enslaved
Surrenders all remembered
Then dismemberment is craved
December of adventure
Embers ever escaped unscathed
The vendors legal tender
An editor for the grave
public defender purposely
misremembers as it fades
imagery forms a trilogy
Vivid With antiquity
A symphony hones symmetry
symbols serving up soliloquy
Epiphanies sync in synergy
simple strum of sympathy
dimples dabble in calligraphy
Unravel visions of implicity
Practitioners proficiency
verging visual felicity
nobility of infancy
in growing global mobile infantries
Chivalries epitome
Masters masculinity
authentic ability
An effective electricity
freedom discovered you
When you stop trying to find your place
and drop concern
over the impression that you’re tryin to make
Track Name: Bardo Thodol
Bardo thodal

The night beckons
with 9 seconds of reckoning
Define threaten
The kind weapon of questioning
When mind deadens
divine essence in everything
find me a Tibetan
The prime lesson is emptying
Made the vow
sacred cows lining up for slaughter
Now that i’m here
I fear I can not cross the border
Pure insanity
swimming in enlightened waters
Cling to humanity
Quickly find my time grows shorter

When last we met
I wept and wept
for fear that I
Was not set for death
Now I accept its depth
I’m promising
to respond more consciously
What the fuck more do you want from me?
You can’t see
past your own selfish needs
lets see where this leads
open up and watch it bleed
To seek is to suffer:
to seek nothing is bliss
Ruled by Conditions
Hypnotic phenomena
can not exist

Bodhidarmha chose his armour
clothed only in reality
all this talk of birth and death
is only your insanity
Managing your conscience
Only for responses
in cause and affect
Buddhas do not practice nonsense
To see your real nature
is your true teacher
see theres nothing sought and find
there's no seeker
wanna walk into heaven
all talk there's No gate
“infinite patience born of the realisation there’s no wait”


hidden track

Zero tolerance policy
Heroic confidence rose from necropolis
Her Apocalyptic prophecy
Onward with confidence
Young confidant of Ecology
Astronomy’s progeny
Consciously evades idolatry
Quality over Quantity
Her odyssey’s of honesty
yield to dominant sovereignty
erodes away into novelty
Her Inner ferocity
Inflames the blameless monotony
Eclipse the game of despondency
Tames estranged animosity
Cat in curiosity
She moves the rocks of geology
Beauty’s practice involuntary
Truly attractive anomaly
She’s a soothing apology
light of velocity
sight to cytology
Moneys monopoly
She's the night of neurology
She’s the oracle
Her gorgeous force metaphorical
To Mere mortals adorn
She soars the course of rhetorical
Her form is a portal
Enter the door through the auricle
Her Chortle explores the shores
on an allegorical coracles